In Macnamara We Are Turning Green

Our designers builders and engineers will work with you to design and build high-quality, energy efficient and sustainable homes.

Everything you need to go Green

  1. Improved orientation to capture the benefits of the sun
        o     We will work with you to ensure the design of your home captures the warm north sun in the main living areas in winter and an appropriate sized eave is included to shade the hot sun in  summer
  2. Improved wrapping and sealing of penetrations to stop drafts and improve the performance of the insulation 
        o     The breathable wall wrap is taped at the top plate and all joints, and secured to the slab on the ground level with flexible sealant.
        o     All pipes, wiring and air-conditioning pipes that penetrate the wall wrap will be sealed.
  3. Improved window frames to stop condensation forming on the frames
        o     Double glazed window frames are upgraded to thermally-broken, UPVC, timber or aluminium external and timber internal frames.
  4. Improved zoning to reduce the amount of heating and cooling required
        o     Additional internal doors are included to allow the living areas to be separated from  other rooms to reduce the amount of heating and cooling required.
  5. Improved weather stripping to stop air leakage
        o     All external doors and the door from the house to the garage are weather stripped - top, bottom and sides - to stop air leakage from these doors.
  6. Improved insulation to reduce heat or cold transferring from the garage
        o     Not only are all external walls and all ceilings insulated, but the garage ceiling and internal garage walls are also insulated.
  7. Improved outdoor areas that cool your home in summer and improve biodiversity
        o     This could include a green roof upstairs balcony on your two storey home and/or a grass driveway.
  8. Option to consult with our Mechanical Engineers Carbon Zero to model and undertake cost benefit analysis of:
    o    Choice of heating and cooling system
    o    Increase of EER
    o    Choice of building materials

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